Welcome Silicone Mold Addicts

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 *US ONLY
Orders are filled Monday - Friday and typically go out within 1 - 2 business days.
Please check the Facebook group for updates on out of stock items.

Please read through my list of operations.
It is quite possible that your question can be answered here. 


1. If you need to contact me please send a message via the chat feature on the website or through the Bear Mountain Designs business page. I do not accept message requests through my personal facebook and emails are not always reliable as far as me receiving them or they like to go to the junk folder (which I don't check).

2. I process orders Monday - Friday and sometimes I come in and do orders on Saturday but please don't bank on that happening every weekend.

3. All orders go out within 2 business days from when the order is placed (minus pre orders). I will always give a heads up if I am not going to be in my office on a weekday or if there is a delay in this process.

4. All orders get an email notification that the order was received and another one for when it has shipped. If you have paid via paypal you will also get one from them showing your item has shipped.
* If you don't get these please check your junk folder.
* If you are worried about not receiving the email please make sure you create a login before placing your order so that you can log in and check the status/tracking information of your order.


5. When I do pre orders ALL the details are in the description section of the listing. If the arrival time of the item has been pushed back I make many posts updating you all with that information so you all are in the loop.

6. All of the listings have measurements of the finished product so that there are no surprises.

7. I do not accept add ons to orders because I am a one person business and cannot guarantee that I will catch the request before your items go out. You are more than welcome to place another order and if I catch it the orders will go out together.

8. I apologize for ANY mistakes that I have made in orders or that will happen in future orders. I will always quickly fix my mistakes that occur.
If there is a defect in the mold those are handled by a store coupon or a replacement in the next order.


9. Please allow me time to respond to a message you have sent. I am in Alaska so more than likely there is a time difference. There is no need to send multiple messages on every platform available. I WILL respond as soon as I can.

10. All orders are now insured so if your package/items get damaged on the way to their forever home you can file a claim via the USPS website. 

11. I think that about covers everything. If there is anything that I missed or you would like to know more information about please let me know. I am happy to answer any and all questions you throw my way. I am here to keep you fully notified of restocks, new items and updates. I will never keep any information from you, I will always give my 112% honest opinion and will continue to do my absolute best for you.

Happy crafting.